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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Perovskite Solar Cell Technology


Perovskite is an ultra-thin, lightweight solar cell material that can be applied on flexible surfaces.

The energy conversion efficiencies of perovskite are comparable to existing solar cell technologies.

Perovskite can be made with low-cost manufacturing techniques using cheap, abundant materials. 


About Us

Irina Valitova

Dr. Irina Valitova is a thin-film device fabrication expert. As a holder of not one, but two PhDs, she has extensive knoweldge of thin-film device design, fabrication and optimization. Irina is a senior scientist with Rayleigh Solar Tech, leading the research and development of perovskite solar cells.

Dr. Sam March is passionate about solar technology. After completing a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Technology and Solar Engineering from the Technical University of Delft, he completed a PhD in Physics at Dalhousie University where he studied the fundamental optoelectronic properties of perovskite solar cells. Sam leads Rayleigh Solar Tech’s science team.

Sam March
Dane George

Dane is a professional engineer and consultant with a background in renewable energy and building energy management. Dane is also involved with the Applied Energy Lab at NSCC as a project lead undertaking product development research for industry partners. Dane leverages his knowledge of both research and the solar industry to help manage Rayleigh Solar Tech’s operations and fundraising efforts.

The Team


Rayleigh Solar Tech was founded in 2016 by Dr. Sam March who saw an incredible opportunity to help bring a revolutionary solar cell material to market. He began the commercialization research at Dalhousie University in 2016 in the Organic Electronic Materials and Devices Laboratory led by Dr. Ian Hill, while completing his PhD in the Quantum Control group led by Dr. Kimberley Hall.


Our vision is to accelerate the widespread implementation of sustainable energy from the sun by bringing novel solar cell research to market. We aim to address the last barriers to commercialization for perovskite solar cells to create the next generation of low-cost, versatile, and efficient solar cell technologies.

Sebastiaan Ambtman

Sebastiaan is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in the technology sector since the late 90’s when he started his first internet company. He was part of the small team that launched eBay in the Netherlands, and was co-founder of an online marketplace for retailers. With Rayleigh Solar Tech, Sebastiaan is focused on developing the company strategy and commercialization of the core technology.

Jarret Stuart

Jarret is an entrepreneur with extensive experience leading high-growth companies. He was the founder and president of Helios Energy Inc. and grew the company into the second largest solar development firm in Canada and 20th largest in the world in 2011. Jarret is focused on growing Rayleigh Solar Tech’s research and engineering capabilities.